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European Maccabi G... European Maccabi Games, Budapest, Hungary Maccabi Pan-Americ... Maccabi Pan-American Games, Mexico City, Mexico CEO Forum 2019 CEO Forum 2019 Maccabi Australia ... Maccabi Australia 37th Junior Carnival Fun Run Seminar Fun Run Seminar Maccabi Tzair CLAM... Maccabi Tzair CLAM - North American Regional Seminar EMC Ski Trip EMC Ski Trip 18th European Macc... 18th European Maccabi Tennis & Bowling Tournament Maccabi Young Lead... Maccabi Young Leadership Seminar - Israel (FLF) MWU Annual Congres... MWU Annual Congress 2019 Kharkov, Ukraine -... Kharkov, Ukraine - Maccabi Fun Run Zaporozhye, Ukrain... Zaporozhye, Ukraine - Maccabi Fun Run Prague, Czech Repu... Prague, Czech Republic - Maccabi Fun Run Glasgow, Scotland ... Glasgow, Scotland - Maccabi Fun Run Odessa, Ukraine - ... Odessa, Ukraine - Maccabi Fun Run Tel Aviv Maccabi F... Tel Aviv Maccabi Fun Run Kherson, Ukraine -... Kherson, Ukraine - Maccabi Fun Run France Maccabi Fun... France Maccabi Fun Run Maccabi Tzair Euro... Maccabi Tzair Europe Seminar Maccabi USA Fun Ru... Maccabi USA Fun Run - Washington DC, Philadelphia, South Florida & Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill Maccabi GB Fun Run... Maccabi GB Fun Run, London Maccabi Netherland... Maccabi Netherlands Fun Run, Amsterdam Johannesburg Macca... Johannesburg Maccabi Fun Run, South Africa Vilnius, Lithuania... Vilnius, Lithuania - Maccabi Fun Run Kiev, Ukraine - Ma... Kiev, Ukraine - Maccabi Fun Run Maccabi Tzair CLAM... Maccabi Tzair CLAM Seminar, Buenos Aires, Argentina Australia - Maccab... Australia - Maccabi LIFE Health & Wellness Expo EMC Congress - Ka... EMC Congress - Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic accabi World Union... accabi World Union Torch Relay Toto Great Britain
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Welcome to Maccabi World Union Time Travel!

This interactive timeline is designed to capture the story of Maccabi throughout the year.

You may scroll along the timeline by dragging the orange button.Pressing the name of an event will link to relevant content.

Please share your own memories with us by adding comments and uploading files with photos. It’s easy – just press the green "+" button.

We invite you to take part in preserving the past, documenting the present, and strengthening the future and create together Maccabi's  “Local Story”.


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